The NIL ruling opens up massive profit opportunities as NFT sales spike

How NFTs will change NCAA sports forever...
Drew Levine
Published July 12, 2021
March Madness is the most beloved tournament in college sports. Future careers are made in the faceoffs between brutal rivalries and the upsets of dominant teams. The NIL ruling will make the 2022 NCAA playoffs an exciting experience for players and fans alike. For the first time, athletes will have the opportunity to profit from the tournament that generates over $700 million, and fans will be given a new way to interact with sports.

What does this look like for NCAA athletes?

The profit opportunities will range from apparel to sports memorabilia. With the recent NIL ruling, players will be able to create new experiences for fans. The most exciting opportunity lies with NFTs. NFTs have allowed creators to monetize their content in unimaginable ways. Next year, your favorite player’s highlights will begin trading live during each game. Fans will play the game of buying, selling, and showing off their unique collectibles. This will also allow fans to profit in a way like no other.

What does this look like for the fans?

Your favorite influencers will start showing off their new NFT highlights from the game you are watching. Fans will be rushing to buy-in, and a massive wealth opportunity will arise. The question you may be asking yourself is, “How big is this opportunity?” To put things into perspective, on April 15th, an NFT highlight of Lebron James sold for $387,000. Just a few months before, this same clip was bought for merely a few dollars.

How to get involved.

This game of buying, selling, and showing off collectibles is what Neon is all about. It’s a place for fans to own a piece of the action, signed by their favorite athlete. For the newly empowered NCAA players, it’s a chance for you all to create a new revenue stream while further engaging your biggest fans.
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