Neon is an experiment in how to love art and support artists

...and the world's most accessible NFT marketplace
Kyle Zappitell
Published June 22, 2021
The Internet has created as many new business models as it has leveled. We're excited to be part of a new wave of startups helping creators make a living and entertaining their fans. We're using Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) to create a record of the Internet's most iconic moments, building a metaverse of digital memorabilia in collaboration with artists and other rights holders. We've designed our metaverse as a gallery to:
  • make it easy to flaunt and flex and boast
  • make digital memorabilia a recurring revenue stream for creators
  • make it easy for everyone to participate in and own a piece of the Internet's culture.
We’re leveraging the blockchain industry’s latest layer 2 technology, zkRollups. On Neon you’ll be able to mint, sell, buy and transfer your NFTs gas fee free, but still get the full advantages of Ethereum’s world class security and portability. These technological breakthroughs and others are what enable Neon to become the world’s most accessible NFT marketplace.
We hope you'll join our Discord to chat with us about what we're building: a bright future for a fun Internet with well-compensated artists and creators.